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Do you have a spider infestation?

Spider Removal Service Provider in OakvilleMost spider infestations occur during the autumn and winter months, when it is too cold for them to nest outside – this is also when adult spiders are fully grown and easier to spot.

Although spiders are mostly harmless, they can still be stressful and disruptive. If you see spiders regularly around your home or place of work, it is likely that they are nesting in spaces such as loft space or cavity walls.

The most telling sign that you have a spider infestation in a building is the presence of a web (or multiple webs).

Make sure that you clear away webs regularly, both to deter spider activity and so you can see when new webs have been made. One or two webs don’t necessarily suggest an infestation, but if you see lots of webs, then you should contact us to check for any spiders.

Spiders can be nesting in your home – but not for long. Call us for an evaluation of the spider problem and the conditions in your home that might be promoting their proliferation.

We’re fully certified and trained, which means we’ll use the right stuff for the job, and apply it safely with minimal or no “down time” for your business or home.