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Who We Are- Halton Pest Control Services

At Halton Pest, we provide pest control and extermination services for Halton residents and business owners. Whether your property is infested with mice, wasps, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, spider – or anything in between – feel free to call our skilled pest exterminators at Halton Pest first!

We love earning the trust of our customers – one successful job at a time!

We are Environmentally Friendly

We’ve built our reputation over the years by delivering fast, friendly, and effective animal & pest control services. Our experts understand that having critters and rodents all around you can risk the health and peace of mind of a family. To regain your comfort back, we are equipped with modern tools and latest techniques for eliminating and deterring away the pesky pests.

Ours is a responsible pest control company that realize the growing environmental concerns and focus on both safety and efficiency. We always use the eco-friendly treatment strategy to eliminate unwanted insects. Each and every method we follow is safe on your children and pets.

We Serve both Residential and Commercial Areas

No matter, you are a homeowner or own a commercial premise, Halton Pest is here to serve you. Most of the individuals don’t realize that they are having a pest invasion inside their property, unless any of the family member falls sick or any structural damage occurs. Since rodents or ants can crawl over the tiniest spaces, it’s important to treat and safeguard your property against pest attacks. Common hiding spaces where a pest might be residing are basements, workshops, garages, washrooms, kitchens etc. Call us today to get rid of pesky pests.

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