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5 Signs Your Home Has Rodent Infestation

28 Mar

5 Signs Your Home Has Rodent Infestation

Rodent Infestation

Rodent infestation in or surrounding your home is one of the most significant problems. They are a year-round pest and cause damages to your home, garden and yard. Once they have made their way inside your home, they will gnaw your property, chew almost everything and contaminate food which results in health issues.

So, here are some signs that you can notice to detect the rodents in your home.

Identification Of Rodents

  1. Droppings
    Finding a large number of rodents’ droppings in your home is a big sign of rodent infestation. They often leave dropping in cupboards and around walls.
  2. Rodent Nests
    Rodents create a cozy nest for themselves in the place nearby the food and water sources. Paper, twigs, stuffing, fabrics, grass and similar soft and warm material are the first choice for rodents to make nests.
  3. Chewed Up Food Packages
    You may be storing your food in a container with a lid to keep it safe from rodents. But even so, mice and rats are likely to attempt to access the food. If you find the food packages and containers have chew marks there are high chances of rodents infestation.
  4. Hearing Noises At Night
    The mice and rats become more active at night. If you are lying in bed and hearing sound like something is chewing your material then pay attention, it is indicating for rodents presence.
  5. Gnawing Marks On Structure
    To keep their teeth short, the rodents gnaw harder surface like wood and other structures of your home. They chew the electric wires which cause a fire hazard.

Rodents grow their population faster and thus when you ignore their appearance, you may have to deal with the infestation. So, when you notice the signs of rodents infestation, contact us at Halton Pest to get the highest quality pest control services in Oakville.